Hello Rust! is a lighthearted live-programming channel about my journey to become a fearless, more effective Rust programmer. My goal is to address beginner and intermediate Rust questions and show that systems programming can be
a lot of fun!

Fair warning: To follow along, it's best if you already read the book, since I won't cover most of the basics in my videos.


Handcrafted by yours truly

  • Humble Beginnings

    In this episode I tell you about what I want to achieve with Hello Rust and why I created this show. I talk about Rust 1.0, the Rust Cologne Usergroup, and giving workshops at RustBeltRust. Play on YouTube

  • Hello Universe!

    Let's get started with actually coding something. We build a hello world application on STEROIDS. The goal is to show you some idiomatic tricks to handle console output. Play on YouTube

    Enums, Traits, Builder Pattern, Testing, Pattern matching

  • Snakes and Gears

    One of the first things I was missing in Rust when coming from Python were List Comprehensions. It took me a while to figure out, that the Rust way - using iter(), filter(), and map() - actually is a better fit for the language. Play on YouTube

    Iterators, map, filter, Entry API, List comprehensions

  • Code review

    Today we will do our first code review. I picked a library called repoctl, which is a tool for handling FreeBSD package files in Rust. The goal is to improve the codebase and make it more robust and idiomatic. Play on YouTube

    Option, Result, Error handling, URL parsing, external crates

  • Touch Typing Tutor

    I hack on a small application that will help me get better at touch typing. Not a tutorial, but just a fun hacking session to build a touch typing application using ggez - a game framework written in Rust. Play on YouTube

    touch typing, application, ggez, event handling, game state, iterators, hacking, live-coding

  • Check the